Dear Dr. Frankie,

Thank you for your invitation to your work shop! It was so nice. I found that everyonethere were very friendly.Everyone had taken care us a very well! The workshop also great, it was a greatopportunity and fortune to meet many scientists doing Phellinus mushroom.I can see your big attempt in this work!In the future, if you want any help from us please let me know!


Dr. Panee Sirisa-ard

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science
Chiang Mai University
Thailand 50200

I am very impressed with Mr. Frankie’s working ethics. He is an example of a good businessperson; he does not only concentrate on his own benefits but for the benefit of the majorityand mankind.

Have known Frankie for a long time, he works hard and very successful in hisSang Hwang business.
Our whole family takes them, my mother takes it regularly and her health is good and shelooks good. She and her sister have been taking them for a number of years.

Before, I live near Mr. Frankie’s residence. I saw him develop Sang Hwang Medicine and curedifferent ailments such as cancer, allergies, etc…

What really impress me is seeing a real 100 years old Sang Hwang mushroommanufactured into medicine.
My brother-in-law had sinus allergy for a number of years and was recommended to takeSang Hwang medicine, within 2 months his sinus allergy was gone.He was advised by the doctor to have a sinus operation, as he cannot breathe properly atnight. After three (3) years of taking Sang Hwang medicine, his sinus allergy was completelycured and he becomes very healthy.

I have seen a few elderly person in wheelchairs introduced to Sang Hwang medicine, theybecome healthy and can walk un-aided.

Some people diagnosed with cancer, after taking Sang Hwang medicine for a few monthsbecome healthy, this I personally found out talking with the person in front of my house.

Chudapa Chantakate

Translated from Thai

Hi Frankie,Hope you are doing fine.

Herewith is a summary of the consumption of Shang Hwang 400 from my mum, Steven andmyself.

After taking the Shang Hwang 400, my immune system has much improvement and better.Being I used to have flu twice a month has been much reduced nowadays. Having that myskin also becoming more radiant and firm too. Also with the consumption of GDL 400, mygastric problem has been also experience in reduction too and that my gastric pains sufferingare much lesser. Concurrently together, I took the Shang Hwang extracted liquid with theGDL 400, it aids well to my digestion and feeling the improvement for the betterment.

As for my mum, being a sufferer from blood disorder cancer, and constantly feelingtired, exhausted and lethargic, of which she took the Sang Hwang 400 and Sang HwangIgniarius extracted liquid, showing signs of much improvement and betterment in her health.Nowadays, she is much more alert, vibrant, and energized. In fact, the doctor was impressedand finds her better with improvement gradually. She was tested and her blood count is betterand balance that the doctor was relieved and impressed with her health condition.

Steven, a friend of mine also consumed Shang Hwang LD, 4 capsules, GDL 400 4 capsulesand Sang Hwang Linteus extracted liquid 30CC plus vitamin C 8000mg per day respectively.Steven initially was detected to have male-genetically cancer that resulted himself to be verylistless, tired and always pruned into having influenza.After taking the supplements for a month, there is improvement in his health conditionbeing that he finds his body is better tracking along with improvements. And the doctor alsosurprised with his results as well as his better health improvements.Continuingly, after taking Shang Hwang on the 3rd month, surprisingly, the doctor has foundthe cancer cells has much been reduced. Of which 6 months later, the cancer cells seem tobe no longer be detected.

Hence fore, with the supplements of Shang Hwang 400, Sang Hwang Linteus extracted liquid,GDL 400, have shown many effects on our bodies with so many improvements in our healthand resulted in many ways of our betterment in out bodies.

I would strongly recommend this product to all my friends.

Thank you and best regards,

Vincent Chio

As we all know, life is very precious. Also, good health that comes with it is very essential tous as human being.Of course happiness must also combine with it, and that depends on how each of usmanages ourselves. Good life with good health, plus the happiness, which will bring theharmony to our family, is what every human being needed, although many could not fulfill.And when we have all of these main important things, it means that we will have our lives’core – the longevity and the rejuvenation, for which many did not know and would not believe.

I am not a doctor. I am not a scientist. I am not some sort of any medicinal expert. And I amnot a salesman. I am a Police Major General of the Kingdom of Cambodia, as a Director ofNCB-Interpol Cambodia. The reasons that I am here today, is to share my own experiencesfor an effectiveness of taking the extracted and the capsule of the Phellinus linteusmushroom.

About three years ago, I decided to take some of the extracted and capsules of the PhellinusLinteus mushroom.The reasons that I have made my decision into taking such mushroom, was that I wantedto live longer with the best of health that I could maintain, to see my family, especially mychildren and grandchildren grown up. Not just that, there are many things I can enjoy in lifethat the whole world have, let’s say – all kind of good and delicious foods almost anywhere onearth.

Anyway, let me tell you all something shortly about me. I only took the mushroom on and off intermittently, sometime for between one to two weeksbecause most of the time I was very busy with my official and personal mission in and out ofthe country. However, when I met quite many of my long time no see friend, for which someof them I have not met or seen for years, they looked different to me. But the way I lookedat them it was like they look older and quite stressful. But when they admired me, they said,how did I maintain myself looking younger and healthier, and better looking than a few yearsago that they have met me? Believe it or not, some of the friends came from the U.S. Andcompared between the U.S. and Cambodia, the living condition and environment are totallydifferent, even foods.

Let me spare a few more moment from all of you, to tell you about my mother, mygrandmother, and my higher Superior-the Four Star General and he is a Secretary of State ofthe Interior Ministry.

My mother is now 64 years old, living in the U.S.A. She has high – blood pressure andsome other health problem she had for years. I have put my effort convince her into takingthe extracted liquid and capsules of the Phellinus linteus mushroom, at first she refused tobelieve. Then, until she was convinced because she had no any other choice despite of herhealth was getting worse and deteriorating (she had to use Tiger-balm oil on her skin and usethe coin to scrape on her body with our traditional way to help healing the uneasiness feeling,and she would look like a tiger because of the dark red mark all over the body, at least twiceweekly). She would just stay home and not feeling well at that time. So, I brought her a threemonths supplies of the extracted liquid and capsules of the Phellinus linteus for her to take.And… two months and ten days later, I got a call from her from the U.S. She was very happybecause her doctor was very surprised that her blood pressure went to normal, and she felt awhole lot better. She could walk and chase after the bus like a normal person again. Not justthat, her friend found out about it, she also was asking for it too.

As for my grandmother, she is now 83 years old. She lives in the countryside in the province.Just recently, she complained about not feeling well, could not eat well, could not sleep well,and all of that feeling made her feel devastated because she thought that was because ofher old age. Even though I brought her some delicious and rare foods to eat, she could notreally eat either. Then I asked her to try the extracted liquid Phellinus linteus mushroom foronly ten days. After she completed taking it, she came to see me again and asked for more ofit with her smiley face. What’s brought to my concern most about her was that she also hadput up some weights on her. She told me that since she started to take the mushroom for thefirst few days, she could eat and sleep a lot better than at least fifteen to twenty years ago.Believe it or not, she walks smiling all the time.

Before I conclude my share of experience with all of you, let me tell you about my HigherSuperior, the Four Golden Stars General. He normally didn’t trust a lot of things around him.But I managed to convince him to take the extracted and capsules Linteus for about a monthand a half. His most admiration that ever made him happy and feels like a different personwas that, he was admired from the bottom of the heart of one of other Secretary of State ofhis class in the Government line. He was asked, how did he make his frowning face go awayand look a lot younger than a few months ago? What did he take? And what’s the secret anddo you know what my General responded? I WILL TELL YOU LATER…...

Ladies and Gentlemen! I would like to thank you all very much for your time and attention.And I am sure we can all be very happy to have found the facts regarding the effectiveness ofthis Phellinus linteus mushroom.

Police Major General, Billy Kim Chanee

Dear Mr. Frankie of the Amazing Grace.

I am one of the few Generals (four starts Generals) of the Cambodian formed Forces. I am now 58 years old. I have been in hundreds of battle fields during the wars for the past 35 years. I had many mortar shrapnel bits in my body for which cannot be remove byany surgeon of this modern time. Every time it acted up, it made me feel very painful andmiserable. Many types of modern medicines had a very short and temporarily effect to helpease off my pain. I had to live with it for a very long time.

When I was introduced and convinced to take your extracted mushroom medicinalsupplement by one of my subordinates, I have decided to try your medicine, just to see how itwill work on me.

The results were; it did it! After I took it every few other months, the pain seemed to be easedoff and off and my health and my whole body have been tremendously improved. Somehow, Ihave been asked-what kind of secret have I been taking because I looked much younger thanI was a few months before those admires have seen me?

So far, I am very satisfied in taking your miraculous medicine in spite of my new good health,and I personally am thank you and your staffs very much.

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